Storage Company Dubai

The demand for storage facilities in Dubai is on the rise as the city continues to experience an influx of visitors each year. The good news is that MoveHub is here to bridge the gap by providing excellent storage facilities. With over a decade of experience in this domain, we are well-versed when it comes to your storing needs, offering both short-term and long term storage for goods of all sizes. Moreover, they are continuously monitored through CCTV cameras, enabling us to deliver secure and trusted storage solutions to our customers across Dubai.

From personal belongings and furniture to old files and sporting equipment, we are capable of storing every item in our regulated, temperature-controlled storage facility, eliminating any damage. Apart from offering quality and affordability, we also provide customers with flexible options that allow you to tailor the package around your requirements. If you are on the lookout for the best storage facilities in Dubai that you can trust, feel free to reach out to us.

Our Storage Service Inclusions

Whether you are seeking temporary storage solutions or long term storage for your warehousing needs, consider enlisting MoveHub as your next best storage company in Dubai. We offer ideal storage solutions that meet your individual needs and budget. Be it furniture storage or office equipment storage, we cover a wide range. Some of our top service inclusions are:

Packing & Storage

Your packaging determines how much space your goods occupy in our warehouse. We offer to pack all your goods in the right way to save on space and protect them from potential damage.

Short-term Storage

We recommend short term storage to clients who want to keep goods they don’t require immediately but are still of great value to them. This option is also ideal for people who want to declutter their homes or offices in Dubai.

Long-term Storage

Apart from short term storage, our services also cater to individual importers, exporters and businesses who seek long term storage in Dubai. It is the best solutions for storage of non-perishable goods as they don’t require additional maintenance.

Office Storage

If your office is in process of renovation and you don’t want to dispose of your old items, we are here to help. As one of the leading storage companies in Dubai, our services focus on securing your office equipment, documents, and computers in the long term. Furthermore, our temperature-controlled storage facility ensures they are kept in mint condition.

Personal Storage

From documents to jewelry, ornaments and other valuable items, we offer personal storage to individuals across the region. You will be provided with a unique pin access to your rental unit and will be held responsible for the lock and key.

Furniture Storage

Do you seek to replace your existing furniture with new items but don’t want to dispose them off soon? With a reputation of being one of the most trustworthy furniture storage companies in Dubai, we guarantee you of a safe and secure storage facility to keep your furniture, irrespective of size.

Why Choose Our Storage Service?

MoveHub is your one-stop service for all your storage needs. We provide exceptional storage services at incredibly affordable rates. Here are additional reasons that contribute to placing us amongst the finest storage companies and how you benefit.

Round-the-clock Customer Support

Our customer support services are among the best in the region. You can rely on our team at any time for updates about your stored goods or in case of any queries or emergencies.

Regulated Climate Control Facility

We understand the need for certain items to be stored in facilities that are temperature controlled. Through this, we prevent your products from decay caused by fluctuating humidity levels, and extreme hot or cold weather.

24/7 Monitoring and Security

With 24/7 CCTV video surveillance and robust security customers can rest assured of their goods being safe and secure with us.

Competitive Prices

We are the amongst best storage companies in Dubai and for all the right reasons. Our rates are not only competitive but also affordable. Moreover, we are more than ready to offer you customized quotes depending on your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We do store all types of perishable goods in our climate-controlled facilities.

We charge various fees depending on the items, spaces occupied, and duration of the lease. Get in touch with our sales team for a free quotation.

We have security officers on-site as well as 24/7 video surveillance. Moreover, access to our storage facilities is via PIN authentication.

Climate-controlled storage facilities ensure a stable temperature within the room, thereby protecting your belongings from decay or any damage. It is usually preferred when items are stored for a long-term basis.

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