Moving During COVID-19? Follow These Tips for a Hassle-Free Process

Moving During COVID-19

Without a proper plan, moving to a new home or office can be overwhelming. It was far much easier before the novel Coronavirus struck and changed our normal routines in Dubai and UAE. As if relocating from one city to another is not stressful enough, this is the worst of times to grab your possessions and take your family to another place. It’s also the worst period for companies to move to a different headquarters. According to Johns Hopkins University, COVID-19 has claimed over 1.8 million lives and more than 86 million already affected. Despite the horrific news, lives must go on. Below, we are going to offer tips for helping you relocate smoothly during the pandemic to make the process less stressful. Most of the tips we will share here were provided by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Confirm If It’s Safe to Relocate

Your family’s safety comes first. Before moving to your destination, make sure the authorities over there have been able to minimize the spread of the virus to manageable levels. Check UAE’s government website and see if your destination is listed there as one of the safe places to go. Also, check the data of the country you intend to relocate to and find out what the authorities and the experts over there are saying and how they are dealing with the pandemic. The sad truth is that moving is risky. What matters is the risk level.

Proceed with Caution

We are amid a severe pandemic, which means you should be extremely cautious all the time you are outdoors. You can move to another area but take care. You’ve been careful with everything you have been doing since COVID-19 rules were introduced, and you should not drop your guard. If you go to find a mover, pay for insurance, and sort other things before moving out, be more aware of your surroundings and minimize your interactions. This attentiveness will ensure you don’t get affected by COVID-19 before relocating to your destination.

Hire a Reputed Moving Company

Before hiring a moving company to relocate, double-check with the authorities, and ask for the company’s credentials just to be sure. You don’t want to lose your property or attract trouble, especially in this period. All distance movers are listed with the Federal Transport Authority or the Roads and Transport Authority. You can find all details about the moving company on the government’s database.

Communication Is Key

Communication is key when moving. You wouldn’t want to take your family by surprise minutes before relocating. Your workmates also need to know that you will be moving to another city and if you are required to take them along, notify them ahead of the moving date. Notify people around you about your new address and other crucial details like where your kids will go to school, the reason for relocating, and COVID-19 restrictions in your destination. These details will help prepare them for the move.

Make Sure It’s Legal to Move

Governments across the world are changing their restrictions for people coming from other countries, some being strict and others lenient. Some of these governments have dealt well with the virus and managed to slow it down. Countries like New Zealand and Canada won’t allow certain nationalities at the moment. It’s important to check your destination to see if you can travel to the country. The last thing is to take a flight back to your old home or be turned away at the border.

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