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At MoveHub, we aim to provide individuals and businesses with cost-effective and reliable relocation and storage solutions. With over a decades’ experience in international relocation, we refine services in a way that will meet and exceed the requirements of our clients. Our team in both Dubai and Australia are well-aware of the rules and regulations associated with international moving. As such, you cannot ask for a better partner for household and office relocation from Australia to Dubai.

If you are someone who’s planning to relocate to Australia and don’t know where to start, reach out to the experts at MoveHub today!

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What You Need to Know Before You Move to Australia

Fondly known as the Land Down Under, Australia stands apart due to its amazing landscapes, the superior quality of life, and diverse cultural communities. Whether it be domestic or international relocation, careful planning is the key to turn the move into a successful one. Listed are some useful information that you should know before moving to Australia from Dubai.


Based on the type of visa you would like to apply for, the visa costs can also vary. The official government website has clearly listed all the necessary details in this regard.


Based on how you decide to transport your goods, the cost for international relocation from Australia to Dubai can also vary. While air transport is the easiest and the quickest option, its costs are almost double of what you need to pay if you decide to ship by sea. At MoveHub, we can help you relocate and can provide a clear-cut quote in line with your requirements.

It’s Bigger Than Europe

Australia is massive; in fact, you were to take the maps of Europe and Australia; you will see that Australia by itself covers the entire continent of Europe.

Erratic Weather

When you mention Australia, most people would usually associate it with hot and sunny weather. However, that is not the case; for example, if it’s summer in the north, then it’s normally rainy in the south. There are certain cities where all four seasons occur on the same day.