Insurance Coverage

As a delicate and high-risk business, having a comprehensive insurance policy is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, shipments are always subjected to external factors such as accidents, long transit times, harsh weather conditions, and other relevant issues. This liability need not be a problem for customers who choose our service, as we offer comprehensive insurance with terms and conditions aimed at preventing our customers from incurring losses. At MoveHub, as a dedicated and professional logistics company, we ensure to pack our customer’s valuable items with care and attention to detail and use only the highest quality packaging material. While packing your belongings, our team keeps in mind the handling at various points, and as such, ensures robust packing, guaranteeing zero damage.

It brings us immense pride when we claim that such events are a rare occurrence, one we have not experienced in our years of operations. The overall objective of our insurance plan is to keep both parties, i.e., ourselves and our client’s liability-free and recover and losses made from damages or lost goods. Get in touch with us today for more details on our insurance coverage. We can even arrange insurance services for our customers through our recommended provided AXA.

Importance of Removals Insurance

The importance of removals insurance cannot be emphasized enough and can only be appreciated fully when an incident occurs. Here are a few reasons why you should consider insurance when opting for our relocation services.

  • It protects the goods of the customer against loss, theft, or damage.
  • It covers our liability costs in case of loss, theft, or damage incurred in our possession.
  • It keeps our personnel covered in case of injury.
  • It keeps all other goods covered in case of any damage when a third-party service handles the transit.
  • It caters to all legal liability associated with accidents that may occur during the moving process.