How to Move Long Distance with Plants?

Move Long Distance with Plants

It can be quite a hassle to relocate from Dubai to another city in the UAE or vice versa. Having to do it with your beloved plants and pets make it worse. You may have figured out how to transport your pets, but what about your botanical friends? You don’t intend to live them behind, do you? A house plant requires special care while on the move. One may have to do some preparation to make sure that the plants arrive at the destination safely. Moving into a new city or home is an exciting moment without mourning for personal possessions that didn’t make it, especially your plants and pets.  We are going to offer you the best tips to help you with moving your plants over a long distance, to ensure they arrive safely and with all leaves intact.

Know the Law

If you are moving from one city to another or from one country to another, it’s important to understand the laws and as well as check with the customs to confirm whether your destination allows plants from outside. In the US, for example, some states will not allow certain species to cross their borders. The responsible authorities may require inspecting your plants for pest control. They also ban particular plants. Some customs inspect plant species on arrival while others have strict rules for botanical visitors. You may not have to worry if your plants are healthy.

Find Out the Weather Conditions

Once it’s fine to move the plants to a different country, you should be concerned about the growing conditions in the new place. Can those plants thrive in that environment? That’s a question you should ask before relocating. Not all plants survive in all weather conditions. While some plants are kept indoors, they are still prone to tough dry or wet weather conditions. Factors to consider are the climate, availability of light, and rain. If the environment is unfavorable, you can leave the plants with a family member, a friend, or donate them.

Before Moving Tend to the Plants

Weeks before relocating, you should put them in different plastic containers. Replace the current soil with a sterilized fresh one to kick out bugs to prevent them from infesting your car or the mover’s vehicle. Pack the clay pots just like you would with a fragile item using bubble wraps. Water the plant about three days to the big day. Ensure the soil’s moisture is perfect and not excessively wet. Even though most plants can go for up to 10 days without a drop of water, ensure the roots remain damp while on transit.

Tend to The Plants While and After the Move

If the botanical friends are in your car, stop in shaded areas and roll down the windows to bring in the fresh air. Avoid exposing the plants to direct sunlight or harsh winds. Make sure nothing falls on them and crush the leaves or branches. When you reach your destination, unwrap and water the plants right away. Give them some weeks to recover. Some of them will wilt or drop leaves, but it’s temporary. After a few weeks, the plants will survive the move and roll back to full life.

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