Five Ways to Plan an Efficient Office Move Without Hampering Productivity

Five Ways to Plan an Efficient Office Move Without Hampering Productivity

Many people associate office relocation with interruption of services, which brings a sense of chaos, distracted staff, and misplaced emails. We understand that this is when coronavirus has brought about fear among many people. To defeat the pandemic, new norms have been put in place to ensure people’s safety, like maintaining social distance. Due to limited space in many offices, it has forced many individuals to move to a different place, relocating their offices. This is one of the reasons why many people move from one office to another. However, when relocating, you must choose professional relocation service providers to ensure that your items are safe especially fragile items.

Consider Your Employees and Clients

Before you search for space, it is usually good to ensure that space will be suitable for both the customers and the employees. Before proceeding, you must ask yourself the following questions- is the space in a convenient location for quick and easy access? What will be the impact of the move on the employees who commute? Will the move help the company get closer to the clients for easy service delivery and reduce response time?

Plan for Continuous Growth

It is crucial to ensure that the new place will be able to maintain your business growth. Ensure that the company does not outgrow the office before the lease expires. If so, you may risk breaking your lease contract and ending up paying hefty fines.

Inform Your Staff of the Move

If you plan on relocating, it is wise to inform your employees about it beforehand. Get them involved by sharing the new floor plans, videos and images, if any, so they feel like a part of the organization. This not only helps in maintaining transparency, but also allows your employees to build trust. It is a very important factor in any organization.

Coordinate with Your Vendors

If you plan on moving new furniture, it is vital to coordinate the furniture placement with the team. You need to ensure everyone is on the same page when working with you. It will then prevent issues such as impeding wiring for network cables and getting in the way of wires’ access to employee workstations.

Hire Professionals

A task of such importance needs to be handled by experts. Also, it is certainly more cost-effective to hire a professional moving company as opposed to doing it on your own. As professionals, they will use their expertise in developing a plan, packing, carrying, disassembling and reassembling every item in a smooth and hassle-free manners. Furthermore, it ensures no damage to your valuables. It is an essential element in ensuring productivity isn’t hampered during the move.

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