Five Things to Do When Your Movers Are Moving Your Belongings?

Movers Are Moving Belongings

Most people prefer hiring moving companies in Dubai and UAE, because they are professionals who are well equipped to do all the lifting. However, you must get involved in one way or another. There are still some things that you could help with even though the company does the most. It’s also very crucial that your belongings don’t incur damage during the move. Here are the five things to do when your movers are busy moving your belongings.

Unplug Your Electronics

Once you wake up on the big day, pull out your sheets and blankets, and fold them. Also, remove the pillowcase to save time. The movers will disassemble your bed frame, and carry it, along with the mattress to the truck. For the electronics, be the one to unplug them from the power source and pack them in their respective boxes. Movers won’t carry the blame for messed up gadgets, especially your gaming setups and your computer. You need to secure your appliances and electronics ahead of the movers’ arrival.

Prepare for the Mover’s Arrival

Time is crucial, and some movers charge per the hour. So, start by eliminating the items you don’t intend to use in your new home. Either, gift, donate or sell them if you’re unable to throw them away. When the movers arrive, they should only find items ready for relocation. If you have some time, pack your books, utensils, clothes, and other stuff in their respective boxes and mark them. Also, if you have framed paintings and photos, take them down and pack them safely as well. Remember to mark the boxes as well.

Give Them Space

The right way to show appreciation and support to movers is by letting them do what they know best! You may feel like you know everything around your home more than them and want everything to be done to perfection, but there must be a reason why you seek the services of a full-service movers’ company. They are professionals that move fragile items, as well as couches, boxes, name it. So, do not interfere. Sip your lemonade, stress not, and allow them to do their work.

Show Them Where to Park Their Truck

Many people overlook it, but for the movers, it is important for them to know where to park their truck before packing your belongings. The driver will likely call you before and ask about it. You must work it out before the big day to avoid misunderstandings. You’re responsible for finding the perfect spot of where the movers will stop their large truck. If it’s not on your driveway, then you must ask for permission to park in a shared driveway. You can also secure a parking pass for the vehicle to park at the street.

Don’t Disappear

You need to give them space to do their work but not you out of their sight. They can’t manage it all without you around. Movers will ask you about something they are unsure of before moving it. Stick around so that they can talk to you whenever they have questions or clarification. Moving etiquette states that you should be somewhere close to the house and notify your movers where you’ll be in case you have to go. Remember to tip them for a job well done.

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