Automobile Relocation

When you have a reliable logistics company, the process of automobile relocation is often safer, quicker, and a more cost-effective option. Whether you are relocating to a nearby country or a different state, MoveHub is here to help! Depending on the location that the car is being moved to and customer preference, we have several solutions to see the relocation process to completion. Automobiles are loaded onto a flatbed or trailer and ferried to the stated location. We also transport cars to other districts and select countries by ship. Handling of automobiles is crucial, and our handy members observe extra caution while ferrying these across the country. Our insurance coverage extends to this service, and anything that might happen to the car in the process of moving can be claimed from the insurance company.

Our Vehicle Relocation Service Inclusions

To Any UAE or International Location

We offer door to door relocation services for your automobiles anywhere within the UAE as well as to international locations of your choice.

Dealership to Dealership Relocation

Are you getting your vehicle fixed or serviced? Not to worry, we provide moving services across dealerships on your behalf without you having to lift a finger.

Professional Handover Service

Upon reaching its destination, we follow professional protocol while handing over the automobile to the recipient and notify the customer when the process is complete.

How You Can Help

Our clients play a crucial role during the automobile relocation process. We execute a more significant share of the process, but this can only be made possible by some input from our clients. It is essential to pay attention to the nitty-gritty details involved in moving a car to ensure that the process is executed with ease, and the vehicle arrives at its intended destination in good condition. This is how you can help us serve you better:

  • Handover copies of the car documents for easy and fast clearance with local authorities where need be.
  • Remove personal belongings and lock the car before it is ferried away to improve safety measures.
  • Switch off any alarms that might go on in the process of moving.
  • Take your automobile for service before relocation to ensure it is in good condition, with no leakages or faults that might cause problems during the moving process.
  • Ensuring vehicle insurance is up to date in case of an accident.
  • Remove any parking card or toll stickers placed on the car.
  • Inspect the battery and check the tire pressure readings.

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