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Apartment Moving

MoveHub is an established apartment movers company based in Dubai. Backed by a team of experienced professional movers, we work around the clock and fulfil our client’s varied requirements. We pride ourselves on our affordable home moving rates. There are no hidden charges – we communicate all the costs prior to the move. Apart from delivering reliable and cost-effective moving solutions, we also strive to provide a stress-free and seamless process. We can take care of your complete moving and relocation needs, from packing to unpacking all your boxes. As specialized apartment movers in Dubai, the packaging materials used by us are of the highest quality and is guaranteed to safeguard your valuable belongings during transit. Additionally, all fragile items, such as artwork, glassware, or antiques, are provided special care to ensure that they suffer zero damage during the move. Our apartment movers help in the planning, execution, and completion easily, smoothly, and efficiently.

In the course of time, we have catered to numerous clients’ apartment moving needs based across Dubai and the UAE. Tailored to the needs of both individuals and families, our service is designed to guarantee transparency and accountability from start to end. Moreover, our experienced apartment movers are committed to delivering the highest quality of service at all times. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help with your apartment moving requirements or to receive a free moving quote.

How to Prepare for Apartment Relocation

  • Go through your lease to check for information regarding notice periods and holding deposits before moving out. These payments will come in handy to pay for cleaning services post your departure.
  • Liaise with your current and new landlord and check with them regarding any restrictions as well as whether parking arrangements will be made for the day you move.
  • Make sure to inform your important contacts about your change of location. These include banks, utility companies, delivery companies, and more.
  • Prior to your movement and cancellation or transfer of any utility bills, it is advisable to check whether they cover your new address. Alternatively, you could look for better deals for apartment movers in your new location.
  • Go through your contact list and take note of everyone you need to inform about your address change. This could be your colleagues, family members, and friends.
  • Order our 3-ply quality moving boxes and all necessary packing supplies and materials. As professional apartment movers in Dubai, we advise our clients on what is needed and in what quantities.
  • Get labels and marker pens of different colors to mark and distinguish items for various locations in each room.
  • Look for and study the floor layout of your current apartment and the one you are relocating to as it will give you a better understanding of where to place your new items. It will also help with labeling the products, as mentioned in the previous step.
  • Go through all your belongings and segregate them based on the ones needed and the ones that should either be disposed of or given to charity.
  • Ensure to finish your food stock before the expiry date.
  • Cancel any newspaper subscriptions, deliveries, or relevant services that deliver to your door.

Why Choose Us

Over the years, we have accomplished several successful apartment relocations in Dubai. Apart from this, we have testimonies from previous clients that are proof of our ability to deliver quality moving services to apartments ranging from studio to 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and more. So, irrespective of the size, our adept apartment movers will offer a fully personalized service that perfectly meets your requirements. We have outlined below the top four reasons why we are the ideal apartment movers in Dubai.


With extensive years of experience, we can curate our services to suit varied client’s needs. In addition to moving and packing, we also provide services like delivery, disposal, and storage to make the moving process easier.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Apart from being professional apartment movers, we also render international relocation, pet relocation, automobile relocation, and furniture moving services across the region.

Responsive Team

We have a dedicated customer support team who are at your service at all times. They are trained to respond to queries within the shortest time and provide clear and concise responses.